The Collective Genius

Our head Genie and first Geniess (yes, we now have two Geniesses) both had their futures shaped by CSI programmes and they simply love spreading the love.

Who knows where they might’ve ended up without the opportunity? Who knows how many future head Genies and Geniesses we could create? Our clients (who happen to be some of the biggest listed companies in the country) can answer this. Can you?

We predict the future for our clients by creating it

More than nine years ago, we started a movement to change the lives of South Africa’s youth. We learnt about the youth, we learnt about what they want, we learnt about how they think. Now we’re sharing those learnings and making our client’s lives easier. Have a look at our services if you want to.

So what’s stopping you?

We might look a bit young but don’t let that fool you – Genius is ageless.

Geniess 1 – Nwabisa Mayema

Nwabisa is one of the Top 100 Brightest Young Minds in South Africa – need we say more. But we can. She also has a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Political Studies and Public Administration from the University of Cape Town. She finished top five in the Goldman Sachs-GIBS 10 000 Women Certificate Programme and has been nominated by the US State Department to participate in a professional exchange to US in 2015. In between all this, she still has time to be the managing director of The Collective Genius.

Geniess 2 – Mahfooza Hussain

Mahfooza, well she’s just brilliant. She has a B.Comm Internal Audit Degree Honours from the University of Pretoria, Internal Audit Board Part 1 and 2 and a certification in Control Self-Assessment. She worked for three years as an internal auditor at KPMG before deciding to become a Genius. She demonstrates her Genius on a daily basis as our finance and operations director.

Genie – Abdullah Verachia

Abdullah is our fearless leader. When he’s not wowing the whole world as a global strategist, international speaker, facilitator and thought leader he guides and inspires The Collective Genius as our chairperson. His wisdom and Genius is felt by a number of companies and organistions, including: Edutrust, the Model United Nations of South Africa, Education Africa and the Gordon Institute of Business Science to name a few.


So what do we do all day? We advise our clients on how to engage on a deeper level with the youth market

Unique insights into the youth market

Spending a lot of time with young people has given us invaluable insights into the slippery Millennial market. Focus groups to give our clients specific and targeted information.

The recruitment and employee retention challenge

Using our Genius, we will work with our clients to put very important strategies in place to help them attract and retain the cream of South Africa’s employment crop.

And if that’s not enough…

We still have strong roots in the CSI space. We also create and implement brilliant, strategic CSI Strategies, as you may have guessed, with a youth and education focus.

A Collection of Genii

We believe in paying it forward. All of our employees are beneficiaries of our programmes and they tell us the truth. Their opinions can change the way you market your brand.


Our big, amazing, super clients help us in our creation of Genii

  • Enthusiastic and committed staff

    An absolute pleasure! TCG has very enthusiastic and committed staff who always come up with innovative ideas. I look forward to another opportunity to work with them.

    Manjusha Sunil - South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement

  • Great understanding and delivery

    Great understanding and delivery of youth empowerment projects.

    Dave Morris. Anglo American

  • Zest to push boundaries

    Epitome of candour, reliability, credibility, enthusiasm, professionalism and zest to push boundaries.

    Norman Fumba. Eastern Cape Department of Basic Education


We’d love to hear from you. Here are our details – give us a call!

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